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Our professional resume writing service has helped professionals land more interviews and get hired faster. 

Professional Resume Writing

Collaborate directly with a professional resume writer to receive your new ATS resume. We build custom resumes from scratch, and implement the proper keywords and verbiage to ensure you land interviews.  An expert resume writer is one who articulates content based on what recruiters look for.  Let us help you create your new tool of success.

Cover Letter Writing

A Cover Letter expresses individualized interest in the job you apply for. It is a tool that conveys an applicant’s personality, and is required today by most employers. Rather than worrying about creating a new cover letter for each job you apply for, we provide a template that can be easily altered within minutes for each application. 

LinkedIn Profile Optimization

Over 90% of recruiters use LinkedIn as a tool throughout recruitment, either as an initial check point, or a final verification. Online profiles are essentially emerging as the new virtual resume platform. Our application tracking system (ATS) will ensure your LinkedIn profile is up to par to increase your ranking in SEO search results. 

CV (Curriculum Vitaé)

A CV (Curriculum Vitae)  is an in-depth document that can be laid out over two or more pages and it contains a high level of detail about your achievements, a great deal more than just a career biography. Often used by applicants within medicine, research, and academia, a CV must be properly designed and structured in a format that displays your experience in a proper sequence. Our CV template ensures instant results.

Thank You Note / Interview Email

An important step in network is gaining the attention of the recruiters, in order for them to notice your resume. We will provide 2 sample introduction emails for you to send after submitting your applications.   Additionally, it is an unspoken requirement to send follow up emails after an interview. We will provide you 3 samples of thank you notes so you can email your interviewer(s) after your interview, and ensure you catch their attention.

Interview Coaching

Need helping preparing interviews, or simply looking for guidance on approaching the right career? A 1-hour  session will provide you the fundamental tools and steps to follow to ensure you a equipped with the foundational skills to succeed in interviews. Includes a guide that will walk you through points to check off throughout your preparation. Lock in an appointment now!

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