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We will create a cover letter that is tailored towards the type of position and industry you wish to pursue. All you’ll need to do is update the job title, employer name, and personalize data for each job application. We will begin working on your cover letter once the resume has been finalized.


Cover Letter Writing

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We will create a cover letter that is tailored towards the type of position and industry you wish to pursue. All you’ll need to do is update the job title, employer name, and data for each job application!

Cover Letter writing expresses your personal interest in the job you apply for. It is a tool that conveys an applicants personality, most job postings require one. Each industry enriches a certain culture and has different guidelines and standards that they follow. Our professional writers know how to properly structure your experience convey your skills and qualifications. We create cover letter templates that you can can use for each application.

A cover letter should have a maximum length of 3 – 4 paragraphs. When writing a cover letter, you must analyze the role you are applying for. Therefore, you must include the qualifications of the role to ensure you are the right fit. Hence, as the applicant, must sell yourself. You can do this by explaining why you think you are the best fit for the role you are applying for. Certainly, it is also important to your each cover letter towards each specific jobs.

Overall, the purpose of cover letter writing is to showcase your strengths and relevant work experience to prove you are the best candidate. Above all, we always recommend pairing your order of a resume with a cover letter. Contact Resume Advisor today to get started.

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Jonathan was quick, professional and really easy to work with. When reviewing my resume, he was able to identify language that was lackluster or confusing. After working with Jonathan, my resume and LinkedIn profile were easy to read, visually appealing and succinct. More importantly, people were finally contacting me and interviews began to quickly line up.
- Melissa B

It was a super easy process and didn't take a lot of time either. Within 2 weeks of submitting job applications with my new essay I've heard back from double the amount I was getting before. They definitely have a way with words that capture attention.
- Hannah E.

After a couple months of sending out multiple resumes I had created on my own, I decided to reach out to RA. The entire process took no more than a week. After having a call with them they created a perfect resume that then attracted multiple companies resulting in the perfect job. 16 months later I am now being promoted to VP of Global Sales.
- Lee M

Jonathan is very helpful and professional, and he really knew how to take my resume and LinkedIn profile to the next level. It's a competitive job market and if you're starting a job search, this is the first service I'd contact to help you stand out from the crowd and put your best foot forward.
- Camaryn L

Do not hesitate to make the decision to invest in yourself! I was beyond relived when I found Jonathan at Resume Advisor on LinkedIn. His response to me was personal and warm and he had wonderful reviews to support his craft. We revamped my resume within an hour via zoom and I was beyond impressed with how painless this was.
- Gabriella M.

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