Job Search Overview

 Many people like to begin a job search in January, at the start of the New Year. Some companies may not have their hiring budgets finalized in January however, but many do, and regardless you can certainly spruce up your resume and start the interview process. Why not be at the front of the line? The downside to this is, of course, the possibility that your resume could be discarded because the hiring manager wants to start fresh in March, or whenever their budget is done. It might behoove you to research your top firms, if you can, .or simply send a second query if you haven’t heard back

when to begin your job search

There are other reasons why a hiring manager might be busy at the start of the year. Another thing to keep in mind is that while many organizations may be hiring all through the first quarter, financial firms may not be; they may have staffed up in the fall in order to go full speed ahead during tax time.

Quarter 1

What about February through May? These months are good for searching, since yearly budgets are often in final form and companies know what they can offer you in terms of a total financial package. This is the right time for teachers and other academic professionals to firm up their plans for the next school year. Depending on your career level, you may be competing with new college graduates or those anticipating graduation, so you’ll have to make sure that your resume is polished to perfection.



Mid-year is a great time to send your resume to prospective employers. Budgets have been finalized and summer interns have been hired. Companies know which positions they need to fill and which skillets would fit best in each one. Customer service and retail holiday jobs for the winter months will start being posted now. Depending on the industry, such as real estate, you may find managers taking vacations during July and August, so don’t be overly concerned if you don’t hear back for a while. Certainly send a polite and friendly email query after your initial contact—always a good idea in any case.


But some firms may not be hiring in the summer and that’s that. You may have to redouble your efforts, make more inquiries, and find more leads as the third quarter winds down. Don’t forget about using social media as a source for job leads. Besides the obvious, LinkedIn, you can also let your friends know on Facebook and Twitter that you are on the search. It helps to maintain a professional profile in public and not descend into politics and gossip. You never know when a prospective employer might decide to look you up!


4th Quarter

How about the end of the year? People are busy during the fourth quarter, and that includes hiring managers. Holidays, work functions, school functions for children, etc. Should you just forget about the job search completely? Not necessarily. Financial firms may be hiring now in order to fully staff for tax time. Retail and entertainment establishments may need more help than anticipated, or personnel could have left abruptly. Some of those jobs are part-time or temporary, but a seasonal job can lead to a full-time position. It happens! 

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