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Nearly everyone who has attended an interview can tell you that the ‘tell me about yourself’ question is one that is most likely to leave a candidate speechless. There will be scenarios running through your head, which do not look appealing. Do you tell the interviewer about your job or past jobs? Are they expecting to hear your personal likes and dislikes? Do they want to know who you are as a person outside of work? There is usually no easy way of answering this question. But according to the advice of professional resume writing services, there are steps that can help you nail this part perfectly.


A recruiter will be assessing you on two main criteria; do you have the skills for the job, and do you fit the organizational culture? It is important to go back to the job description and figure out what the recruiter would like to hear that you’ve been doing. Remember that he/she already has your resume and is not interested in a rehash of your experience. Give a general overview. Read the ‘About Us’ page on the prospective employer’s website and try to match your motivation for the job to what the organization is doing.

First Impression

How do you want to come across? The recruiter is bound to have a lasting impression about you. After your research, you should have about three ways to answer this question. If it is a marketing job, for example, you can opt to come across as self-driven and relentless, or charming and persuasive, or patient and data-driven.

Craft the story

Now that you have gotten the job interview after your resume passes the ATS system, the recruiter is expecting you to bring out the person on the resume. Therefore, repeating what your resume says is not very helpful, and you might come across as unimaginative. You’ll need to develop a personable story in answering, “tell me about yourself.”
A brief story based on the ‘present-past-future’ formula works best. If you are interviewing for a digital marketing position, for example, you would describe yourself, “I am a digital marketer with over 5 years’ experience. Currently, I am working on a project to bring in 30 extra clients this quarter. I believe this is possible because I managed to bring in 120 new clients when I was at XYZ co. I enjoy working with vibrant brands who are making an impact in the tech world, and that is why I would like to join this great team that has managed to achieve a lot in 3 years. Therefore, I believe we can make a great team.”
Using the services of a resume writer service can also help you perfect this answer. You already got the job interview, go ahead and nail it!
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