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traits of successful peopleWhat are the qualities we should cultivate in ourselves to encourage great success? To answer that question, Resume Advisor examines the traits that very successful people have in common and focus on those.


Extremely successful people want to know how things work. They ask questions and search for answers among various sources. They never tire of learning and they have a wide range of interests. This leads to…


When people make it to the top of a field, it’s one they care deeply about, whether sports, music, law, or inventing the most humane mousetrap. They find a project to become passionate about, and they get up every day enthused about their work. When you’re emotionally invested in a project, you’re less likely to get deterred by setbacks. You have…


This is a key trait of very successful people, and while it manifests early on, it’s never too late to develop a keen focus. Successful folks don’t give up once they set their sights on a goal. They understand it will take sacrifices to reach the top, and they’re willing to put in that time and effort. At the same time, they know important to keep a…


Winners instinctively know that they’ll need to stay physically fit in order to remain mentally sharp. They make sure to eat nutritious foods and get enough sleep. They’ll take time to refresh their spirit with whatever practice works best in their life, whether religious, meditative, musical, etc. This gets them in the right frame of mind to be…


Sometimes we might think a wildly successful person is a super genius or was born with incredible talent and simply floated to the top on an effortless breeze. Generally that is not the case. Success takes hard work. Think about an athlete who wins an Olympic medal: that trophy represents a lifetime of solid, daily practice. Same goes for inventors, artists, writers, CEO’s, etc.


It’s rare that a superstar reaches the pinnacle of success alone. They discover early on that they need to develop excellent communication skills, both verbal and written, and the ability to relate to other people’s points of view. You may be a reporter interviewing world leaders, an explorer giving directions to your team, or a CFO outlining management goals. In all cases, you need to have command of the language and the ability to answer questions effectively as well as a sense of when people might need help and aren’t asking for it. Going along with this is…


People at the top of their game often have not zoomed up in a straight line. They’ve had to adapt to changing conditions while still keeping their eye on the prize. Maybe it turns out that to achieve your professional goal you will need to take additional classes and further specialize. Perhaps the perfect position that advances your career is only available in another city and you will need to move. Are you willing to be flexible to become super successful? It’s worth thinking about. But whatever you decide, the most important characteristic to cultivate is probably…


Take a moment and consider some folks who have reached the top. Are any of them gloom and doom, “the sky is falling,” type of personalities? No, they are not. They are confident, upbeat, and optimistic. This is the mindset of successful people. Not only is it healthier for you in general, but also it transmits itself to the people around you. Your coworkers, team members, managers, etc. will look at you as a positive person who can accomplish goals because you are presenting yourself as that person. Dress, act, and speak as if you are already this confident, successful person. Not arrogant, but smiling, happy, and accomplished. Other people will see you that way too.

You’re on your way!

Authored by: Paula Light

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