Resume Mistakes

Resume MistakesResume mistakes are detrimental to your first impression. The average applicant gets a 10 second window to impress a hiring manager with their resume. Within this short time, it is important that every sentence on your resume is adding value.

Irrelevant Work Experience

If something does not show how well you can perform in the role you are applying for, don’t include it. However, there is a catch – you don’t want to have time gaps on your resume. Therefore, candidates with overlapping jobs and longer careers can easily omit irrelevant experiences.  For example it wouldn’t add value if you were employed as shop attendant while applying for a position as a teacher in a school. However, you can include the qualifications in which you gained from that job on your skills section – Just be ready to explain them in an interview.


Employers usually request for references after you must have impressed them at their interview. There is therefore no reason to present them with the list before they ask for it. Also, a lot of people tend to include “Referees available on request” at the end of their resumes. It is quite unnecessary, and a waste of space that you could otherwise use to sell yourself as a suitable enough candidate. You would definitely not withhold the list of references once the organization requests for it, would you?

Grammatical and spelling blunders

Tense justification, repetitive word usage, grammar and spelling mistakes are a huge red flag. Make sure to use a text-editor that will highlight your mistakes, and once your final draft is complete. Additionally, let a friend proof-read your document to catch any resume mistakes. You only get this one chance to make a great first impression, so don’t waste it.

Head shots / Photographs

Not only does it take up unnecessary space, but adding a photo might get throw resume in the pile of rejected applications. Never send a headshot or photograph with your resume, unless the organization specifically asks for it. This is what LinkedIn and other social media outlines are for. Unless you are applying for a position as a model, you’ll never need to include a photo.

Personal Information

Every organization wants to know one thing from their potential employees – are they a fit for the role. Therefore, they are not interested in your age, favorite food, hobbies, marital status, etc. If they want to know any of those things, you will asked at the interview. It goes without saying that your resume should contain only verifiable facts about you and your achievements. Don’t lie to impress anyone on your resume, it is not worth the consequences. Essentially, the rule of thumb is: if it won’t help you, do not include it. Contact Resume Advisor today for a free consultation!

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