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When searching for a resume example, one may confuse whether or not their resume should 1 page, or 2. The old rule of thumb used to be that a resume had to be one page. That was carved in stone. Neither recruiters nor employers would even look at the second page. There used to be a rumor that a two-page resume would get “round filed.” Is that one-page rule still true? It depends! If you have a perfectly put-together resume with valuable information that won’t all fit on one page, then there is nothing wrong with including a second page in today’s job market. Let’s drill down into this a bit more.

ATS Resume

An ATS resume should include your name, location, contact info, and objective at the top, as well as a succinct summary of your skills. No headshots please! That is definitely old-school and out of style. This summary should be around three sentences to present an interesting but accurate picture of you so that a potential employer will want to read more. Also remember that many of these resumes will be sent through a computer reader first. Resume Advisor will help you choose the keywords to get yours safely through the system and onto a human being’s desk. Omit extraneous text in this area; it can be included in the more detailed job descriptions below.

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Resume Job Descriptions

Job descriptions can be tricky! There’s no need to summarize the company’s business on your resume; this is about you, not them. Your Resume Advisor will guide you through the process of streamlining your current and previous job descriptions so that they accurately reflect and showcase your experience to potential employers. You’ll want to include specifics rather than generalities, but not list every single task you perform throughout the day. For example, rather than saying the bland “communicated with clients,” you might put the more dynamic “generated loyalty with our customers by reaching out through social media platforms.”

What to cut

How many previous jobs should you include? Most of us have had internships in college as well as part-time jobs even prior to that. If you’re applying to positions in sales, it’s probably not necessary to include your high-school babysitting gigs. Try to keep your list relevant to your current objective. That will have the bonus of saving space. But do not try to save space by making your font so small no one can read it without a magnifying glass, or stretching your margins to the edges of the page. White space makes a resume easy on the eyes.

Final Touches

What about education? Of course you should list your degrees, licenses, and certificates. Put your honors and awards on your resume as well. (Hobbies and politics and religion and pets you can save for lunchtime chats with your new coworkers. Don’t mention your marital status or if you have children either.) This may flip you over to page two, and that is okay. Resume Advisor will help you decide if a second page is the right way to go for your circumstances. Don’t be afraid of a page two! Times have changed and so have the rules for resumes. Contact us today for a resume example and a free analysis.

Authored by: Paula Light

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