Hiring A Professional Resume Writer

So you are interested in engaging the services of a professional resume writer, what next? How do you make a choice from the saturated pool of online resume writers? How do you know which ones to avoid and which one will be a best fit for your need? Below are a few tips to consider when hiring a professional resume writer:

Check out their website

One great place to start evaluating a resume writer is from their website. If their website is sloppy or haphazardly put together, chances are that their work is the same. However, this does not mean a resume writing service with a great website would automatically provide great writing services, but it’s one in a long list of things for you to check out for.

Check for certifications and ratings

A professional resume writer worth their time should have a few certifications under their belt. Look out for any mentions of writing certifications. A few are Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW), Certified Expert Resume Writer (CERW) and Master Resume Writer (MRW). A thorough online search will reveal a lot more. It is also important to know how the resume writing service is ranking by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). An A+ rating is definitely a positive sign.

Guarantees and Free Resume Evaluation

A professional resume writing service should have no problems offering you a guarantee. Guarantees can include a client-satisfaction clause, meaning your satisfaction is paramount. In other words, they will keep working on your resume until you are happy. Do your research yo understand all the terms and conditions and any guarantee, because mediocre resume writing services might make a habit of listing over-the-top guarantees to win your business.

It is also common for professional resume writers to offer free resume evaluations. An honest resume critique will advise if your resume needs a full rewrite, or just a few changes. It is important to realize that writing a great resume takes hours. Be on the lookout for writing services that promise you a perfect resume in 24 hours or less, from initial consultation to final resume draft.


One final thing to lookout for is what people have to say about the services of the resume writing service or professional. You can make sure to check professional sites like Yelp and Google. Nothing speaks more truth to the quality of work than a paying customer. Contact Resume Advisor to create your new tool of success.

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