Job Relocation Tips

job relocation
Job relocation requires an effective strategy to maintain your working status!

The idea of a job relocation can seem exciting, but also overwhelming. There are so many variables! How should we prepare to make a long-distance career move? Should we look for a new position before we’ve nailed down a place to live, or simply move and hope for the best? What if we’ve been offered a position at a higher salary, yet want to ensure that we can afford all the associated costs? Unless we’ve been incredibly lucky and have been offered upfront a dream job, a bonus, moving expenses, and a housing allowance, we might need some assistance with one or more of these issues. Let’s tackle them one at a time.

  1. You’ve determined your ideal location—now, what about work?
  1. Word of mouth. Asking around never hurts. Maybe friends, family, or alumni know of contacts in your desired area.
  • Check LinkedIn, Indeed, and other sources for positions open in or near this city.
  • Make sure your resume is up to date so you can send it immediately if you see a possibility.
  • Interviewing/negotiation strategies—what can I ask for?

Where to start.

  1. Obviously, these will depend on the specifics of your position and the company’s policies, but if you are about to relocate a significant distance, it is not unreasonable to ask about: any relocation bonus/allowance, a temporary housing allowance, possible moving costs reimbursement (including any packing and/or storage expenses), and if there is a policy in place for reimbursement of any miscellaneous expenses associated with the relocation.
  • Beyond direct reimbursement, it also might behoove you to ask, especially at a larger firm, if there is anyone who might be able to assist you with some ideas to make your transition go more smoothly.
  • That will also be a nice way to get to know one or more of your fellow employees without trying to socialize in an obnoxiously pushy way the minute you onboard.
  • You’ve received an offer—now, what about housing?
  1. Ask the hiring manager or recruiter for some leads.
  • Word of mouth again—do friends, family, or alumni know of any contacts in your new locale who can offer advice on options?
  • Real estate agents—they can help you buy or lease a new place.
  • Can my higher salary really compensate for the higher cost of living in the new location?
  1. Here are some helpful cost of living calculators to compare cities to each other:

  • You can obtain granular data on individual locations by ZIP code:

  • Zillow is a good place to research real estate listings and trends city by city.

  • Help, I’m stressed out! Relax and check out these moving guides:
  1. Moving dot com:
  2. Mayflower dot com:
  3. For international moves:

These tips should give you a good starting point in creating your own checklist to help with the tasks involved in a potential relocation. Therefore, while there is a lot of work involved, it may be worth it for the right opportunity.

If you need assistance getting your resume in great shape while you’re considering a career move, contact Resume Advisor today.

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