“Should I look for a new job during the pandemic?”

Job Hunting During Covid-19 has been a challenge. Many employees who wish to make a change wonder if it’s the right time to search for new employment this fall. Some speculate that they should wait until Covid-19 has subsided, even though that could be a year or more, due to logistical considerations as well as seeing all the layoffs in the news. But the fact is that there are positions available and some employers are eagerly looking to fill roles. While it may be more challenging to begin your search at the present time, job-hunting and securing new employment is still doable.

Here are some companies currently hiring: GrowthPlug, a healthcare software maker in Oregon; Radial, an e-commerce firm in New Jersey; Sheetz, a retail chain based in Pennsylvania; Nature’s Way, a vitamin and supplement manufacturer in Wisconsin; paper mills and other businesses in Wisconsin; etc. Hospitals across the country are looking for nurses and administrative staff; mortgage companies need employees; FedEx is hiring; Fidelity Investments is hiring; Amazon needs 100,000 people; and the list goes on. So, there are definitely jobs to hunt for during Covid-19. The question now becomes: what is the best way to search for new employment at present?

Identify your employment needs.

These are your “must have” requirements as opposed to “nice to have.” Perhaps you need to work remotely at home due to a child-care situation; that’s a must have. But maybe you would prefer a new role that includes plenty of travel—that’s a nice to have. Naturally, it would be great to tick every item off your list, but it’s important now more than ever to be flexible. We’ve learned from this strange year that life is unpredictable, and we should roll with changes as much as we’re capable of. Job hunting during Covid-19 definitely calls for us to be adaptable and open-minded to different opportunities. Maybe for years you assumed you would never/could never relocate, but perhaps now relocation is no longer unthinkable.

Be patient, and consistent.

Realize that employers may have significant delays in reviewing your resume and/or application and setting up interviews, even remotely. Be patient! Everyone is adapting to the new rules of social distancing and the logistics of how to hold meetings safely. When you do meet in person, be considerate of personal space, wear a mask, understand that people no longer shake hands, etc. This will give a potential employer the sign that you are respectful of others, whether coworkers or customers. Don’t be afraid to speak up if you see others not behaving safely—after all you wouldn’t want to work for a company that is uncaring about health issues. But sometimes people simply forget to wear a mask and need a gentle reminder. Give the employer extra time to respond to your follow-up communication too. Management personnel is also struggling with the same issues we are: the logistics of working remotely, arranging appropriate child care, etc.


Finally, make sure your resume is in stellar shape in order to land the interviews you desire. This is always a crucial step, but it’s even more important when job hunting during Covid-19. With many people out of work, competition for each role may be more vigorous. You’ll want to stand out from the crowd of other applicants with a great resume that highlights your skills and accomplishments as well as integrating the ATS keywords to make it through the initial screening process. Your cover letter and LinkedIn bio will also be scrutinized closely, so be sure to give them an extra proofread or two to fix any errors in spelling or grammar. But don’t be discouraged—remember that companies are still hiring, even now.

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