Are you seeking an internship, new job, promotion, or even a career change? Having trouble putting all your accomplishments down on paper? Or perhaps you think your resume looks great—yet you still aren’t raking in interviews. You might need a professional resume service… and you’re not alone.

Technology has changed the way we do everything—including applying to jobs. You might be a great writer whose resume does advertise your experiences well. Your friends, mom, and high school English teacher might have even given you positive feedback on it. But that doesn’t mean it will land you an interview. Why? Well, in today’s working world, your resume goes through a few steps before getting in front of human eyes.

Why You Need a Professional Resume Service

Companies are increasingly employing Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)—databases that filter out applicants during the recruitment process. ATS score your resume based on its keyword match-rate, according to the employer’s criteria for that job. If your resume doesn’t score high enough, your application disappears before the hiring manager ever sees it. This system makes it all the more critical for job seekers to use professional support. A professional resume writing service will optimize your application tools to ensure they score high on ATS and make it into the hands of your next employer. So, what next?

Step One: Identify Potential Resume Writers

There are a variety of services available within the arena of job seeking, such as career counseling, life coach, editorial services, etc. Your best bet is to find a company that strictly identifies itself as a resume writing service, with the priority of creating for you a top-notch resume and cover letter.

It can be stressful to choose the best service among the huge pool of providers. First, you’ll want to review the company website. A professional resume writing service should know better than anyone the importance of first impressions, so you should hold their website to a high standard. Does it look modern, up-to-date, and convey information clearly? Read about the staff, company history, and overall mission.

Next, browse the products offered. A qualified, well-rounded resume service should provide resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn, and editorial writing services. Bonus points for a service that offers interview preparation tools—this tells you they have an even broader knowledge of the recruitment process as a whole.

Finally, figure out what makes their service unique, and if it’s a comfortable fit for you. Do they specialize in your field? What career levels do they service? Are you able to speak directly with someone on their staff? Lastly, are they a full-time business, or is this their side gig? Absolutely avoid a service who is outsourcing your work—this should be an immediate red flag.

Step Two: Dig Deep! Understand What Each Service Brings to the Table

Contact the resume writer to get a free consultation. Ensure that they are giving specific and honest feedback, and not just sending you a generic response. This is the first step in gaining your trust.

Ask about the process—how long is the turnaround time, and what is needed from you? Are the services provided in person, over the phone, or strictly via email? You’ll want to avoid any service that does not, at minimum, give you a phone appointment. Next, how long does it take? Make sure that the writer is able to accommodate your deadline.

Know who you’ll be working with—speak to this person BEFORE paying for any services. Do you feel comfortable during that conversation, or do you feel pressured to hand over your money, without a thorough understanding of what you’ll get in return? An experienced resume writer will review your resume, line by line, to understand your skills, professional experience, affiliations, and educational background. They will be able to communicate to you the specific changes that will take your resume to the next level. Ensure this person is someone you feel comfortable speaking with, so that if you have future questions, you won’t hesitate to reach back out.

Confirm they are using ATS—this is a non-negotiable requirement. A professional service must be able to verify the right keywords for you, according to your background and career goals.

Pricing will always vary. Some companies have flat fees, whereas others structure their pricing based on your career level. We recommend $199 – $299 as a realistic and fair price range for a professional resume service. Anything less might seem a little suspicious (how can the company afford such a low price? Are they outsourcing the work?), and anything much higher than that is excessive, considering there are so many qualified resume writers within that range. Do expect additional fees for add-ons, such as creating a cover letter and building up your LinkedIn profile. These should fall between $49 – $99.

Step Three: Verify the Service’s Customer Satisfaction Rate

So far, you’ve checked all the boxes, and have narrowed down your list. The last step is to verify the company’s reviews and feedback from previous customers. Check at least three of the company’s platforms (Yelp, Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.). Note active user engagement and consistency and see how the business interacts with feedback.

Do the reviews sound honest, and do they describe real results that were achieved for past clients? Are clients receiving more interviews upon using the services? Check to see if their website is consistent with what customers are reporting (i.e., turnaround time, process, customer communication). If you see any discrepancies, it’s most likely a red flag. You can also contact customers on certain platforms to directly ask about their experience, if they are comfortable sharing.

Finally, you have completed your research and are ready to hire a professional resume writer.

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