How to Write a Cover Letter

How to write a cover letterUnderstanding how to write a cover letter will help you succeed throughout your job search. A strong cover letter is quite like a well-delivered pitch, or a great ad. It is sometimes the recruiter’s initial contact with you, even before looking at your resume. The objective of a cover letter is to convey a concise, personal summary of your background. Ultimately, the connect should connect to why your previous experiences make a fit for the job you’re applying to.


A cover letter takes the format of a letter, with a semi-formal tone. It must explain to a recruiter why you are the best fit for the job you are applying for. In a cover letter, it is important to state whichever of your previous work experiences you think could come in handy on the job if the company decides to take you to fill that position. Your cover letter should never be more than 3 – 4 paragraphs in length. Too long, and the recruiter may just toss it aside. Remember, there can be thousands of other cover letters in their portal.


Start your cover letter with your contact address as well as that of the organization you are applying to. Then, begin the body with a salutation, and an introduction of yourself. If you are able to get the Hiring manager’s name, include it in the salutation, otherwise, a simple “Dear Hiring Manager,” will suffice. The first paragraph is where your introduction should be. Inform the hiring manager of the position you are applying for, as well as the medium you got the vacancy information from. Then, you can begin talk about yourself in terms of your qualifications and career aspirations/goals. Make ensure that your goal fits that of the company.




The second paragraph is where you sell yourself, mentioning how your previous experiences can fit into this role. Highlight your skills and expertise by explaining how you developed them from your previous jobs. For example, “through overseeing software implementation projects while supervising staff members, I became an expert in leading diverse teams while orchestrating conflict resolution on a daily basis.” You can also add a personal touch in this paragraph. For example, if a candidate wants to mention that traveling and living abroad, they can explain that doing so strengthened their cultural and communication skills, which may be valuable for a role in the travel or hospitality industry.




Conclude by thanking the hiring manager for reading through. Restate that your background makes you a clear fit for the role, to end off with confidence. Lastly, remind them that you are waiting for their response. This will make them feel more inclined to get back to you in a timely manner. After all, nobody likes to wait around, right? Contact us today to learn how to write a cover letter.
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