What is an Applicant Tracking System?

An Applicant Tracking System, also referred to as an Application Tracking System, is an automated system that organizations deploy to help sift through thousands of job applications. Human resources departments have increasingly deployed these systems much to the detriment of job applicants who do not have a clue that their CVs are going through a machine. Resume writing service experts say that as many as 75% of job applicants are rejected by the ATS systems.

How does ATS work?

An applicant tracking system scans job applications looking for certain keywords that are relevant to the job on offer. The HR department will configure the ATS to look for these keywords in different sections of a resume. The ATS can be commanded, for example, to look for the words “Ten” in experience or “SPSS” in the skills section.

ATS Submission

When you make a job application, the ATS submits it to a database. The HR department can configure the ATS to scan all resumes in the database, meaning that the resume you wrote 3 years ago will come up as well. The baseline is that if you do not use a RESUME that is optimized for the ATS, chances are that your application will not pass the first screening. That is why you need a professional resume writer.
Optimizing for ATS
Just like web designers optimize their web pages for search engines, to make them more visible and rank higher, so do you need to make your resume visible to the ATS. You need a professional resume writing service for this. This kind of services will boost your chances of passing through the ATS by:
Using an ATS-friendly template
This is writing your resume in a format that can be easily read by an applicant tracking system. While graphical and fancy resumes are impressive to the human eye, they may be unreadable to the ATS. A professional resume writer will know what template works best.
Keyword research
Each type of job has keywords that relate to it. A resume writer is able to research these keywords depending on the advertised job description. He/she will know how to place them on your resume so that they appear clear and concise. An applicant tracking system scans for keywords to find the best match for a job description.
Adequate documentation
A job application involves more than a resume. You also need an impressive cover letter and cleaned up social media profiles. A resume writing service will help you prepare all this. Are you looking to hire a resume writer in Los Angeles? Resume Advisor will help you pass ATS screening and boost your chances for a face to face interview. Contact us today for a free consultation.
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